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Kentucky Football Postgame Munchies: White Castle or Krystal?

Many football fans drive some serious distances for a UK football game. When the game is over, you don’t have time to hang around in Lexington, so you pack up your stuff and hit the road. This poses a problem as to where to eat after an afternoon game or where to eat at late night adventures.

If you're old enough to remember the Wildcat Faithful website and forums, you will recall the almost annual battle between the membership over White Castle and Krystal as the favorite stop for sliders.

This monumental debate was not just for after a football game. It involved an argument as to which was best after a concert or almost any other activity. I thought it might be fun to bring up the debate once again after, for me, being bored to death with all the hoopla about the NBA Draft. This article I found at MSN was the impetus for wondering how things have changed since the last time I saw this important debate.

The debate at Wildcat Faithful always broke down to about 50-50 as to which, White Castle sliders or Krystal sliders,  were the slider of choice. White Castle, at one time, was a strictly north of the Ohio River enterprise, while you had to go to Tennessee to find a Krystal. I distinctly remember when Chattanooga had the most northern Krystal. All that began to change during the 1960's as White Castle moved south into Kentucky and Krystal move north across Jellico Mountain.

My own preference is Krystal because White Castles have five holes in the burger. White Castle has always maintained that made their burgers cook more evenly. Krystals do not have those holes and taste as good which makes me believe that White Castle cheats their customers compared to Krystal. If you've had both, you know there is little or no difference between the two when it comes to taste, more so if you've been partaking of a little alcohol. Between the onions and pickles, both will give you an equal amount of heartburn.

Here in Orlando, you can't find a White Castle, but you can find a Krystal. You can, however, find frozen White Castles at several of the grocery chain stores. The best thing about them is they don't have the pickle and they don't have the five holes. You can slap a package of two in the microwave for 40 seconds (don't puncture the package) and you have an old time favorite right at home.

If you've ever been in the military, you know that every tall tale begins with, "Now, this ain't no S**t!" There are always some tall tales involved with sliders, like how many have been consumed by one individual. I'm sure you've got a tale about White Castle or Krystal you might like to share with the rest of the BBN. My own involves a trip to Columbus, OH for a Jimi Hendrix concert back in 1968.

So, which is it BBN? White Castle or Krystal? (by clicking on the links, you can read about the history of each chain)