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Wildcats Quickies: YAHTZEE!... YAHTZEE!... YAHTZEE! Edition

Unless you were under a rock yesterday, you know that Kentucky Football has had one helluva 24-hour period.  They received their first 2017 commitment in 3-star QB Mac Jones late on Monday and rolled the Yahtzee dice thrice times yesterday.

The first person to step up on Tuesday was Russ Yeast, a 4-star WR from Ohio.  In case you are wondering, yes, of the Craig Yeast bloodline.  Russ is the son of UK and SEC legend Craig Yeast and looks to fill his father's rather large shoes as a Wildcat.

Soon after Mr. Yeast made it official, the #9 running back in America, Michael Warren, decided to jump on board.  Ending the day was another 4-star player in defensive end James Hudson also decided to make Lexington his future home.

RUSS YEAST - 4* prospect

5'11" 180 pounds

55 catches, 11 Touchdowns, 794 yards in 2014

MICHAEL WARREN - 4* Prospect

#3 ranked overall player in Ohio

5'10" 185 pounds

2,246 yards rushing, 28 Touchdowns in 2014

JAMES HUDSON - 4* Prospect

6'5" 260 pounds

Four commitments in 24 hours for Coach Stoops in the 2017 class, this puts the 'Cats with a top-6 class to kick off the class.  Today may be a good day to purchase season tickets.


Sad, but True.


Lloyd Tubman headed to JUCO

former 4-star recruit Lloyd Tubman of Seneca is officially leaving the University of Kentucky to enroll at Trinity Valley Community College in hopes of reviving his football career.  Tubman was the #3 prospect in the state behind Matt Elam and Drew Barker when he committed.  Tubman was accused of rape, but never indicted for it.

Kash Daniel Enrolling Early

Jamal Murray Climbing The Draft Projection Charts

Swaggy Cal Weighs In On 2016 Class

Cal thinks it could be his best ever, whoa... helluva statement coming from him

"This year's recruiting class, where we're in the middle of right now, could be one of our best ever," Calipari said. "The kids that I'm seeing, that we're involved with, that I feel really good about. This could be our best class ever. And that's a pretty scary statement coming from who we've been able to recruit over the last 25 years."

NFL Gets Its First Female Coach

Jen Welter was hired by the Arizona Cardinals to work with the Linebackers.  She has played professional women's football for 14 years and even played 1 year in a men's league.

Eric Berry Cleared To Play

Great news for a great talent

Tom Brady Adds To Deflate-gate Drama

instead of giving Roger Goodell his phone as instructed, Brady decided to just destroy the phone.  Amazing how the tables have turned in this saga and Brady is somehow coming off worse than Goodell.

The tweet of the day on this situation has to go to @BWGotheem

I DARE You To Read The Below Article And NOT Be Inspired

Eight year old Bailey Matthews recently completed a triathlon, impressive in its own right... here is the kicker though; He has Cerebral Palsey and did it with no help.

"Inspirational Bailey Matthews was roared over the finishing line by crowds close to tears as he cast aside his specially-adapted walking frame to finish the last 20 metres of the race unaided.

Despite stumbling twice on his way to the line, Bailey picks himself to complete the amazing feat."

Anytime you need motivation, just remember Bailey.. I am guessing you will be able to muster a little more strength.