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Lloyd Tubman leaves Kentucky for Junior College

Lloyd Tubman was a four-star recruit out of Louisville Seneca that committed to Kentucky back in 2014.

We now know where Lloyd Tubman will resume his college football career, and it won't be at Kentucky.

According to 24/7 Sports' Josh Edwards, Tubman is enrolling at Trinity Valley Community College in hopes of reviving his football career after being forced to leave UK because of a rape charge he was not indicted for.

A Fayette County grand jury heard these rape allegations earlier this year and decided not to indict Tubman for the incident that allegedly took place last fall. However, UK's Student Conduct Board does not adhere to that finding, and they ultimately decided through their own findings that Tubman should not be allowed back at UK.

Tubman was a four-star recruit out of Louisville Seneca and ranked as the No. 3 prospect in Kentucky behind Matt Elam and Drew Barker in the 2014 recruiting class. He announced on National Signing Day that he was headed to UK, another in-state prize for the Wildcats that capped a 2014 class that at the time was the best in UK’s recent history.

Here's an excerpt of Edwards' report with quotes from Tubman:

Tubman, who a grand jury decided not to indict on a rape accusation that resulted in his indefinite suspension at Kentucky, will play at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas this fall.

"Last year was taken away from me," Tubman said. "I couldn't go to another D1 [school] because I would have to sit out. Mentally, I wouldn't be able to do that. I love the game of football. Knowing the situation, that I was going to be gone for 20 years or whatever, I can't take myself out of the game. I'm going to be in Athens, Texas at Trinity Valley Community College for a season then I'm going to shoot back out to whatever opportunity opens for me. Whatever God throws at me, I'm going to go ahead and take that and run with it.

"My future is bright and I am very confident. It's not like I'm in a cell or anything like that. I am very confident. A lot of people reached out to me and I really do appreciate that. The fans were very supportive. The BBN was very great and very supportive through that and I appreciate that. When things came out, the public takes it the wrong way based on what it says on TV and just takes it and tumbles out of proportion. It's growing a personal image. When the case was going on, I didn't get any negative response from anybody or anything so I really do appreciate that."