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Wildcats Quickies: CEASE AND DESIST!! Edition

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a sports fan who has a twitter account, unless you were under a rock yesterday you know that the University of Kentucky issued a cease and desist letter to rap mogul and Coach Calipari's friend Drake.  Truth be told, it is much ado about nothing, but it is humorous to see the media and haters run with it.

The simple fact is that Drake took a picture with committed recruit Charles Matthews at Big Blue Madness and it is not permitted under NCAA rules.  Kentucky self-reported the minor violation and we will all forget about it in a few days.  One of the funny things to happen from the event was the delusional rival fan bases reactions, the message boards were gold this afternoon.

Coach Cal also tweeted a response to the media activity, one thing I will give Coach Cal; he has stepped up his social media game in the last few years.  He responds very fast to accusations and issues with UK.

Tweet of The Day

Our very own SB Nation nailed it.

Your Morning Quickies

The New Commonwealth Stadium Progress

Many  members of the Kentucky media got tours of the new commonwealth.  The consensus was that the stadium and field look fantastic.  But the concern of how finished will it be in 43 days is a real concern

Jamal Murray Looks Greatearns praise from fellow Canuck Steve Nash

Murray scored 12 points in his Pan AM debut including the below nifty spin and-1.  Murray also scored 20 points for Team Canada last night and made Big Blue Nation salivate just a little more about having him in the backcourt next season.

Tim Couch Selling His Pad

If you have 4.75 Million Dollars laying around you can own the home of UK legend Tim Couch.  My guess is you can probably steal it for 4.6 Million if you play your cards right.

By the way, when did Couch get so ripped, dude looks like he could bust some heads

Team Bonding... I guess?

Current and former basketball 'Cats decided to get some pedicures as a group.  I have never had one, but I have always wondered, why do the people their wear masks but the customers do not... seems dangerous.

Phil Jackson disses the Dookies

In a long conversation with former assistant Charley Rosen, Phil Jackson did not have very flattering things to say about Duke NBA guys when the topic of Jahlil Okafor came up.

"Also, if you look at the guys who came to the NBA from Duke, aside from Grant Hill, which ones lived up to expectations?"

Jon Rothstein picks Skal Labissiere as SEC POY

Noah Syndergaard threw a pitch so nasty, it nearly killed Yunel Escobar

While trying to stop his swing, Escobar injured his wrist.  At first it looks like Escobar is doing his best Chris Jones imitation.

EA Sports DESTROYED The Seattle Seahawks, whether they meant to or not.

The EA rankings came out and the Seahawks wondered why Marshawn Lynch did not get a 99 rating on trucking... EA destroyed it on the response.



Kentucky Bourbon

There is no debate on who has the best bourbon... of course our great state of Kentucky.  A friend of mine and I have decided to take a "tour" of Kentucky Bourbons.  Our rules are simple; We alternate who buys the pints and we have to pick something neither of us have tried.  So far we have went through Four Roses, Knob Creek, Jefferson, Bulleit, Buffalo Trace, and Basil Hayden.

If you are a fan of a good "old fashioned" cocktail, this is a great website detailing the history of the drink and specific recipes.  So far Buffalo Trace and Knob Creek have tickled my fancy the most.