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Kentucky gives Drake cease and desist order for minor recruiting violation

Uh oh...

Everyone knows Drake is a fan of Kentucky basketball, but the feeling might not be as mutual anymore.

According to the Sporting News, Drake recently asked incoming Kentucky freshman Charles Matthews for a picture during last year's big Blue Madness, and that led to a cease-and-desist order being issued to the famed rapper. Here's the picture in question:

Matthews who was a high school senior when Madness took place last year, was not allowed by NCAA rules to take a picture with Drake, as it was considered "impermissible communication."

After Big Blue Madness concluded, Drake "headed back toward the locker room to say goodbye to the head coach (who wasn't there)" and "PSA #3 (who Sporting News identified as four-star shooting guard commit Charles Matthews) approached Graham and requested a picture."

The photo request was considered a Level III (non-suspension) violation, and as part of Kentucky's self-reporting, the university sent a letter to the NCAA explaining it had "issued a cease-and-desist letter to (Drake) directing him to refrain from conversations with prospects or taking photos with prospects when that conversation or photo occurs outside the parameters established by the NCAA."

The good news is this was a minor violation and nothing that should lead to any kind of penalty for Kentucky. Still, this probably isn't a good sign for Drake's future at UK events.

Then again, this is a dumb rule to begin with. UK may have just issued the cease-and-desist order to keep the NCAA off their back and will still gladly have Drake at events whenever he wants to come.