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Kentucky still pursuing Thon Maker, or are they?

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

Another twist in the recruitment of Thon Maker still has Kentucky fans wondering if the five-star big man is even a realistic option for the Cats.

Kyle Tucker of the Louisville Courier-Journal is at the Under Armour Association Finals right now watching some of the top recruits in the nation, including Maker. Tucker offered this interesting update on UK and their recruitment of Maker:

Seems like Tucker is stating what we all believed in that Kentucky has passed on Maker, no?

Not so fast says's Even Daniels:

Maybe Maker is making up (no pun intended) the fact that UK is still in pursuit of him, despite every other indication being that they are not in fact still recruiting him.

Whatever is going on, it appears we are left knowing no more about Kentucky and Maker than before you bothered to read this post.

Carry on.