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Austin Nichols contacted by Kentucky, Duke, Texas among others

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Former Memphis Tigers forward Austin Nichols has been granted the ability to transfer to any college he wants, and the Kentucky Wildcats are among a host of schools to contact him, according to ESPN 92.9's John Martin:

Nichols, who averaged 13.3 points and 6.1 rebounds last season, was given a release by the school last week with stipulations that he was not allowed to transfer to another school within the American Athletic Conference, nor could he go to any nonconference opponent on Memphis' 2015-16 schedule. That includes Ohio State, Oklahoma, Ole Miss and South Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, Providence and Tennessee.

The school has now ruled Nichols is free to transfer wherever he wants, as he should be. According to a report from CBS Sports, Nichols wants to transfer to Virginia, but was unable to under the prior stipulations the school gave him. There's another report from that the Volunteers want to pursue the talented forward.

Another report from CBS has Virginia being the leader, but Kentucky having shown interest:

Nichols has no shortage of high-profile suitors -- among them Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Gonzaga, North Carolina, Texas, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Iowa State and Tennessee. But multiple sources have told that Virginia should be considered the leader.

Wherever he ends up, Nichols will have two years of eligibility remaining after sitting out the upcoming season.