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Kentucky Football: Drake Jackson makes The Opening All-Tournament Team

Mark Stoops, Shannon Dawson and John Schlarman must be licking their chops over Drake Jackson. Football games are won in the trenches and Jackson is a master at trench warfare.

I don't know if you've been following Drake Jackson's progress at The Opening, but he was named to The Opening's All-Tournament team (Be sure to watch his highlight video) last night.

I like to affectionately refer to linemen as "Big Uglies." They are the equivalent of tanks. Jackson is definitely an Abrams A1 battle tank. He's not just a Big Ugly. H qualifies as a "Big Nasty." He's an Abrams tank with an attitude.

After a slow start on Wednesday, he turned things up on Thursday in the OL vs DL face offs in pads. There were three physical skirmishes on Thursday with Alabama commit Raekwon Davis. You'll see the action in Jackson's highlight video. Davis tried to bully Jackson and called him a three star. Every service shows him as a four star.

As you will see, Jackson did not back down one bit. Davis is a 6'7" 318 lb defensive tackle. Jackson is the nation's # 1 center at 6' 1.5" 301 lbs. Jackson also had a brief dust-up with Houston commit Ed Oliver, a 6'1" 289 lb DE. He had a minor deal Kendell Jones (6' 4" 351lbs), another Alabama commit. Jackson also did a good job going against New Jersey's Rashan Gary (247 Sports #1 player), projected to commit to Alabama.

I'm sure Jackson has no friends on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage. The kids from Ohio were not allowed to put on pads due to Ohio high school rules.

Jackson ranked 12th out of 20 offensive linemen in the SPARQ competition and 25th among all 41 linemen. Here's the results for linemen in the SPARQ and you will note that DEs are included.

Drake Jackson Results

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