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Roundtable: Kentucky Wildcat drafted into best situation

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Our ASOB crew debates which Kentucky Wildcat was drafted into the best situation in this year's NBA draft.

Keith Garrett

Which Wildcat was drafted into the best situation? I like Devin Booker’s situation the best, slightly better than Towns’.  I do think that Devin Booker may end up putting a former ‘Cat out of work though.  I see Phoenix as a good organization with a backcourt of Bledsoe and Knight in an offense that is explosive and fluid.  Booker should be able to come off the bench and reprise what he did best at UK; find soft spots in transition and hit open threes.

Kelli McDowell

I think Willie by far. Going to Sacramento, playing with Boogie, who- even though his stats are comparable to some of the best NBA centers in its history- gets no love. Willie and Boogie balance each other out, and I think that's an awesome situation for both of them. What Willie may lack on offense, Boogie clearly makes up the difference, and those two on defense together-potentially scary good.

James Streble

I think that Karl was drafted into the best situation. He's on a team with the reigning rookie of the year and future star Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio is a serviceable point guard, Flip Saunders has seen success as a coach, and Kevin Garnett is there for leadership. They won't be good right away, but they have some key young pieces for the future.

Jason Marcum

There's no question to me it was Karl Towns. You don't often see a team with the No. 1 pick having as bright a future as Minnesota does, and it only got brighter with Towns' addition. He gets to team up with a rising superstar in Andrew Wiggins, which means Towns won't have to shoulder the weight of an entire franchise as many No. 1 picks are asked to do.

With quality point guards in Ricky Rubio and Tyus Jones in the fold, Towns shouldn't have much trouble getting the ball in good position to do damage in the paint. It also helps having a good center in Nikola Pekovic to keep Towns from getting all of the attention in the post.

Melissa Trouton

It's hard to say who got the best deal but if Karl leaves, and Cuz stays, Sacramento could be an awesome deal for WCS. It's obvious this is a fan base who loves their team and is VERY anxious to succeed. It doesn't seem dissimilar to UK during BCG's second year. Our two boys could build something really special for the Kings.

Bradley Martinez

Karl-Anthony Towns. As a number one pick, he will be expected to shoulder the responsibilities of a franchise keystone in Minnesota, and he already possesses the basketball abilities, maturity and composure to manage that pressure.  The pieces in place around him up north also sweeten his circumstances.  While it is tremendously raw, to be sure, there is not a NBA roster filled with more elite athleticism and upside than Minnesota’s.

Towns’ teammates include fledgling sparks such as Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio, Zach LaVine, Shabazz Muhammad, Adrian Payne, and Gorgui Dieng.  Also, he will share time at center with Nikola Pekovic, which will allow his development to breathe a little bit, and he will get at least one year of mentoring from Kevin Garnett.  Finally, the outlook in Minnesota appears rather rosy.  This team, if kept together and augmented with a few veterans as it gets more competitive, will be playoff bound in 2-3 years.