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Devin Booker draft workout and interview (video)

As the 2015 NBA Draft inches nears, Devin Booker has seen his stock rise to the point he should go in the lottery.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Devin Booker continues to workout and train for the upcoming NBA draft in hopes of being a top-10 selection.

The guys at Draft Express caught up with Booker to get the latest on how he's preparing for the NBA, as well as recap his time in Lexington during a memorable year with the Wildcats.

"I learned a lot in my year at Kentucky," Booker said. "Like I said, coming from high school, where I used to shoot every ball, shoot bad shots, knowing that I shoot bad shots, to just fitting in on a really talented team. Kentucky is the closest thing to an NBA team that's possible. I feel like it's going to help me out at the next level."

Here's the full interview and workout of Booker:

Also, former UK assistant Barry Slice Rohrssen called into Kentucky Sports Radio Monday morning and said more scouts and NBA personnel have called him in the past seven to days to talk about Booker than any other UK prospect.