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Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins pairing with Kings?

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Two former Kentucky Wildcats could unite with the Kings if the right circumstances present themselves.

Could we see Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins teaming up with the Kings next year?

After a disastrous year in Dallas after being traded from Boston, Rondo is no longer someone teams are going to throw money at to sign, at least in the long term. Someone might offer Rondo a one-year, $10 million+ deal to see if he can rekindle his All-Star form.

While the Lakers, Knicks and Rockets have been connected to Rondo, Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe mentioned Sacramento as a possible landing spot for the talented but troubled point guard. While Washburn doesn't exactly mention the Kings as being interested, it is a situation that would make sense for both sides, not to mention another King who may help Rondo fit in.

A darkhorse location for Rajon Rondo in free agency is Sacramento, where the Kings are entering a pivotal year in their franchise and could use a bona fide point guard. Darren Collison, coming off hip surgery, is the team’s scheduled starter for next season. Rondo, who didn’t appear interested in going to the Kings a few years ago, could use the club as a springboard to perhaps a larger contract if he signs a one-year deal. Rondo is also close friends with Kings forward Rudy Gay.

The Kings are certainly a team desperate to take the next step after losing 53+ games in each of the past three seasons, and Rondo could make them a darkhorse playoff contender in the loaded Western Conference.

And he would have a fan in Cousins if Rondo were to sign with the Kings. Back in 2014, Cousins said he thought Rondo, a four-time All-Star, was the best point guard in the NBA.