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John Calipari on The Dan Patrick Show (video)

John Calipari ended up defending his decision to platoon this past season and why it was best for his players.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Before John Calipari spoke with the local media at 11 a.m., he joined The Dan Patrick Show at 10 a.m.

It ended up being a bit confrontational after Patrick questioned Calipari's decision to use platooning. Patrick asked Cal if he thought UK would have won the national championship had they used a seven-man rotation instead of platooning, to which Cal replied:

"I don’t know. We didn’t go seven deep. We went ten deep and then we went nine deep. We almost won 40 games. And we were given a tough path in the NCAAs. Playing Notre Dame and Wisconsin, come on. Think about our path there.

"All ten of them will eventually be in the NBA. Why would I be the one choosing who not to play? Why don’t I give them all a chance to play? We won 38 straight games, how much did it hurt our team? No one’s ever done what we did."

Here's the whole interview: