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Seth Greenberg puts Pat Forde on blast for latest John Calipari criticism

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Yahoo Sports writer and noted John Calipari hater is at it again.

Forde's latest column is titled John Calipari accomplishes his prized goal: watching Kentucky players get drafted. Forde essentially rambles on how Cal's only goal at Kentucky is to get players drafted and how Kentucky fans just eat it up.

Between his time at the Louisville Courier-Journal and co-writing a book with Rick Pitino, Forde has become Public Enemy No. 1 of Kentucky and Calipari, though it's mainly because Forde insists on making Cal out to be the devil himself.

Well, Seth Greenberg finally had enough of Forde's antics. The former Virginia Tech head coach and current ESPN analyst called out Forde for how unfair and unethical his criticism of Calipari is.

Objectivity and journalistic integrity are two things Forde hasn't had for awhile, maybe ever. Good to finally see him get called out for what he really is.