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Kentucky Wildcats' Rock Oliver no longer strength and conditioning coach

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The Kentucky Wildcats will not have Rock Oliver as their strength and conditioning coach going forward, according to a report by Kentucky Sports Radio.

They are reporting Oliver will no longer be the UK Men’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach. He's instead opted for a move to an Administrative role working with all of the school's sports. Hopefully that means he's still on the sideline during games for moments like this:

Oliver joined UK as the football team's Director of Strength & Conditioning after Joker Phillips became head coach in January 2010. He joined the staff at Phillips' request, and ended up working with the basketball team as well.

Oliver was previously the associate strength and conditioning coach with the Cincinnati Bengals, but has also been head strength coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Jersey Nets. This is his second stint at UK after he worked with the basketball team from 1989-92.

It's unclear as to why UK and Oliver are making this move, but we still wish him the best. The search is now on for a new strength and conditioning coach.