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Jamal Murray announcing Wednesday, per ESPN

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Gotta love recruiting...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


The end is finally in sight regarding the recruitment of Jamal Murray, according to ESPN's Paul Biancardi:


Jamal Murray might outta try his hand at baseball with all the curve balls he's dishing out (he'd probably make the Reds' bullpen).

Apparently, that Candian Ballers fellow isn't quite as reliable as we thought. According to Adam Zagoria, Murray is NOT announcing his college decision on Tuesday live on a TSN broadcast.

At this rate, Murray will end up staying in the Class of 2016 and this will go down as the weirdest recruitment in what's been the weirdest recruiting period at Kentucky since John Calipari took over.

In all seriousness, Murray probably is just trying to go through the recruiting process like any young high school prospect would while some 'adults' are trying to break a story that isn't there. Murray said from the beginning he wanted to visit several schools other than Kentucky and Oregon. He's still got time to visit other campuses and enroll in July.

Murray may announce tomorrow, or he may announce on July 4th. Until then, let the kid enjoy the process.