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Kash Daniel has 'good idea' of who he'll commit to; cancels remaining visits

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Kash Daniel will commit to some lucky program on July 4th.

The recruitment of 2016 linebacker Kash Daniel appears to be nearing its end before his senior season even begins.

The four-star prospect out of Paintsville is canceling his remaining visits after a weekend trip to South Carolina. The Florida Gators were among several big-name programs Daniel was set to visit.

Even though this news comes after Daniel's visit to South Carolina, the Kentucky Wildcats are still viewed as the favorites to land him. Still, Mark Stoops and co. have to be a little uneasy hearing that Daniel made such a big decision after visiting another school. Then again, maybe Daniel realized on that trip that Kentucky is really where he wants to be, and visiting other schools at this point is pointless.

If you want to hear the interview in which Daniel revealed his intentions, download the full interview with Tom Leach on The Leach Report (starting at the 19:00 mark).

As of now, Daniel will commit to some lucky program on July 4th.