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Karl Towns 'no doubt' is going No. 1 in NBA Draft, per report

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If Flip Saunders finally seeing the light?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NBA Draft is less than two weeks away, and there's still much debate as to who the No. 1 overall pick should be.

Duke center Jahlil Okafor would be the No. 1 pick in many drafts of the past decade, but so too would Kentucky forward Karl-Anthony TownsHave the Timberwolves already decided they're picking Towns over Okafor?

That's the case according to a report from Mark Heisler of Forbes:

Minnesota GM/coach Flip Saunders, who had been leaning toward Okafor, is said to have turned pro-Towns after seeing him last week in Los Angeles.

The splash sent ripples throughout the NBA. Says an insider: "There’s no doubt, the T-Wolves are taking Towns."

It's hard to believe Saunders, a noted fan of Okafor, has changed his mind based on a workout. It's possible he went back and evaluated Towns more than he had previously, leading him to see who the better prospect of the two was. Maybe it was such a close battle in Saunders' mind that the workout was the final nudge he needed to decide on Towns.

Whatever the case may be, few will likely know for sure who's going No. 1 until the night of the draft. If Towns does go No. 1, it looks certain the L.A. Lakers will grab Okafor with the No. 2 pick. Those two are all but guaranteed to be the first two picks in this draft.