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Timeline of North Carolina Academic Fraud Scandal

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With the release of the sanctions put forth by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, North Carolina and the Tar Heel fans are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. All that remains is NCAA action, which could take up to a year.

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I decided to make a flow chart of the entire North Carolina scandal for the benefit of some Tar Heel fans who questioned my knowledge on the manner concerning UNC's troubles.

I think this might help him understand all of the facts and what has happened over in Chapel Hill. There is a difference between 'denial' and 'De Nile'.

If you want, you may skip to the last slide to read the seven violations that the SACS listed. Since the SACS has only addressed UNC's academic integrity, the NCAA will have to address UNC's athletic programs, including the basketball program.

UNC Timeline 1

UNC Timeline 2

UNC Timeline 3

UNC Timeline 4

UNC Timeline 5

UNC Timeline 6

UNC Timeline 7

UNC Timeline 8

UNC Timeline 9

UNC Timeline 10

With the SACS addressing Control of Intercollegiate Athletics as one of their violations to go with Lack of Institutional Control allegation(s) from the NCAA, you certainly have to worry if you're a UNC fan. All that's left is to see what the NCAA will do when the process concludes.

Hat tip to The Raleigh News and Observer and SBN's Duke Basketball Report for providing the public with factual information without piling on UNC. Here's the latest from both:

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