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Kentucky Football: Fun With The Field Turf at Commonwealth

With the unveiling of the new UK logo and floor design at Memorial Coliseum, I decided to mess around with potential looks for the field turf at Commonwealth

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As we head into this homestretch of time between Basketball and Football season, I thought it might be fun to play around with the look of the impending field turf.  With the help of some of Big Blue Nation's finest on Twitter and's Kentucky Recruiting guy Patrick Loney, I came up with a few more ideas.

My Wildcat Friend Willy Sorrell, who has excellent Photoshop skills, sent me the concept that I posted a few weeks ago.  While I have virtually none of his abilities, I decided to take a stab at it so please excuse the crudeness of the following concepts.

The first concept is actually the most likely to be what we see this fall.  Through interactions with people close to the program and their confidence in what they have been told, we are likely to see a similar concept to Memorial Coliseum's floor.

The most likely aspects we will see this fall will be the new logo at mid-field, different shades of green in 10-yard increments and the blue checkerboard pattern.  The most logical place for the checkerboard would be in the endzone, you would assume.

Likely Candidate

I am sure the font will be different for the end zone, as I mentioned before, I am not as skilled at this as some.  My font choices were relegated to Microsoft Office, ha.  The checkerboard up the sideline is pure speculation on my point.  Although it would make sense in keeping with the consistency of the look.

This tweet by the University's Athletic Department account would further back that up:

Here is what this would look like without the sideline design, with an old school twist on the 25-yard lines.


The next concept is if they took the sideline concept and decided to get loud with it and push the blue and white.


I am not a big fan of it, but it certainly makes a statement.  A few of us were discussing the way we alternated uniforms and thought it would be cool if they could alternate field turf from week to week.  The first thing that came to mind was a possible concept for the annual blackout game.


The last two concepts were based on a few other Wildcat Friend requests.  Personally, I love them both; unfortunately, I do not see these as ever being a possibility due to the branding money involved with the new logo.  One is based on simply having the state of Kentucky outlined as the mid-field logo.

State Outline

The State outline is maybe my favorite for the mid-field logo; UK could even us the new logo on the 25-yard lines if they wanted.  .

Old Wildcats Head

So, there you have it, would love to know your thoughts and your favorites.  If you have some fun ideas for adaptations or edits, just comment and I will try to get it posted.