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Blessed to Join A Sea of Blue Team; Let's Talk

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Greetings friends.

In case you haven't heard, I'll be officially taking over as manager of A Sea of Blue. I'm coming here from Kentucky Sports Connection in addition to having worked for Wildcat Blue Nation in the past. I'm also currently working at Cincy Jungle covering the Cincinnati Bengals.

I'm taking over for Glenn Logan, who's done a fantastic job building ASOB into one of the best Kentucky websites there are, as well as one of the top college blogs on SB Nation.

I'm truly blessed to not only have the honor of taking over, but to take over a site that has both a tremendous staff and fanbase already here. I hope to come on and help build upon what you guys have already helped establish.

My goal for ASOB is simple: I want it to become the best Kentucky Wildcats site there is in addition to being one of the top blogs on SB Nation. I believe with the staff we have and the following we've built, we can be the go-to source for everything UK-related.

I'm open for any questions or comments you have for me. I hope to go ahead and get to know you guys more.

P.S. Aimee told me we're already "THE BEST Kentucky site." Mission accomplished ;)