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2015 NFL Draft: Kentucky Wildcats' Undrafted Free Agent Signees And Invitations To Tryouts

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Along with two draftees, Kentucky has several UDFA signees and tryout invitations.

Kentucky had two draft picks this season, a first-rounder in Bud Dupree, and a fourth rounder in Za’Darius Smith. But there are several other players who have been signed as undrafted free agents or been invited to try out at team mini-camps.

Undrafted free agents signing with teams

  • Darrian Miller — Miller has apparently been signed by the Cleveland Browns. Most NFL observers expect Miller to be moved from tackle to guard, as he just doesn’t have the range to be a tackle in the NFL.

  • Javess Blue — Blue was picked up by the Green Bay Packers and will join former Kentucky and current Green Bay star Randall Cobb.

  • Ronnie Shields — Shields signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

Invited to camp

This puts a wrap on the NFL Draft coverage for this season. We wish all our former players moving on to the next level all the success they can handle. The NFL is a very unforgiving place, but some, if likely not all, of these guys will stick, and some of them possibly for a fair number of seasons.