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Kentucky Wildcats Thursday Quickies: Sepp Blatter Gas Bag Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Cal says he's never leaving, some think the Atlanta Hawks were frauds all along, and more.

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James mentioned in yesterday's Quickies, but more news has come to light on the US's investigation into FIFA. The US Attorney General and the FBI Director led an impressive press conference yesterday where they discussed the litany of charges against 14 FIFA officials. In short, FIFA is an incredibly corrupt organization, and while everyone has known that for a while, it was changes to a US law enacted as a result of 9/11 that enabled our law enforcement agencies to make the arrests yesterday. A reporter also  witnessed the raid firsthand in their luxury Swiss hotel if you're into the human toll.

Now UEFA, FIFA's largest organization, wants to delay the vote for the FIFA President that was expected to see Sepp Blatter easily reelected this Friday. Rumor has it the US' case originated with the arrest of US citizen Chuck Blazer last year (and here's an amazing profile of him worth the read. I mean, two luxury apartments in Trump Towers and one of them is just for his cats?!?).

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has yet to be arrested. My favorite Blatter anecdote is he had FIFA spend $27 million on a biopic film of himself and it was universally canned. You want the runner-ups for his worthlessness? Why I'm happy to oblige. Second, Blatter is either extremely terrible at his job and/or a sexist.  Third, Blatter also doesn't care that the women's World Cup this summer is being played on turf; despite its well-known links to injuries. He made the decision to stick to the less-safe artificial turf even when sponsors were willing to put in natural grass for free.

Aside from the human cost of the 2022 games - which are still seven years away! -, FIFA is an organization led by a dirtbag of a human being, whose leadership's avarice knows no bounds, and whose morals know no lows. It's a Pyramid Scheme masquerading as a sporting organization. The FBI decided to stop them with a law that some would consider being liberally applied. In any case, yesterday's events couldn't have happened to a better group of white collar gangsters.

Tweet of the Morning

Sounds about right to me. And with that off my chest...

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  • UK released its composite APR scores yesterday and all 22 of the universities sports teams met the required NCAA score - 18 of those 22 exceeded the national average. 14 of those 22 teams scored perfectly including: men's and women's basketball, men's and women's track and field, and more. To date, none of UK's sports teams have been penalized in the 11 years of the APR. Will Tennessee fans start printing bumperstickers that say their "scholar athlete beat up our honor roll student athlete"? There were increases across the board nationally.

  • Track and Field had a tremendous season and is starting to get some respect nationally. Coach Floreal counts as another strong hire by Mitch.
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