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Kentucky Wildcats Football: Za'Darius Smith Is Drafted #123 By The Baltimore Ravens

Kentucky's second 2015 NFL Draft selection goes to the Ravens

Today, it was Za’Darius Smith’s turn to be drafted #123rd overall by Baltimore Ravens and make it the second Wildcat to be drafted this season. Smith was Jimmy Brumbaugh’s most successful recruit at Kentucky to date. He was with Kentucky for only two years, but wound up his career with an MVP award in the East-West Shrine Game and got to play in the Senior Bowl as a late addition.

What the Ravens are getting

Smith is more than likely to play the power end on pass rushing downs in the 4-3, but he might be able to do it in the 3-4 as well if he can get bigger. But one thing Z will never lack is effort and energy, and that will get him some reps, especially if he is able to drop back into coverage. Some people even think that Smith might have been one of the most underrated prospects in the draft.

How does he fit in with TEAM

The Ravens need another pass rusher at either the defensive end or linebacker, and Smith seems to fit that bill really well, especially from the position of giving the aging Elvis Dumervil and Tyrell Suggs breather reps.

Be sure to visit SB Nation’s Baltimore Beatdown to find out more about what they think of getting big Z and how they thing he will be used.