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Kentucky Wildcats Tuesday Quickies: Anthony Bourdain Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Tyler Ullis is more than just a floor "general", NFL quarterback gets overpaid, and Nerlens Noel wins award.

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Anthony Bourdain has plans to open a food market "inspired by Blade Runner." Just when I thought he couldn't get any more cool. Bourdain, as you may well know, spent a large part of his adult life as a drug-addicted line cook, who wrote Kitchen Confidential in the mornings after his shifts. The book was his big break as it exposed several seedier aspects of the restaurant business (My favorite anecdote being restaurants typically reuse uneaten bread. Yes; that O'Charley's buttery roll was the neglected outcast of a prior table. Bon Appetit!).

From there, Bourdain got clean, got a TV show on The Travel Channel that had progressively better production, and now has another travel show on CNN. He's also a helluva writer, pork enthusiast, funny, award-winning, writes a comic book, and his wife and him are both into Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In short, a man after my own heart.

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Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Kentucky is the first to offer Class of 2018 Georgia defensive back Derrik Allen. Presumably it was his proud papa who tagged A Sea of Blue to announce the news. I'm sure he's a good one if UK is on him this early. Here's the young man's highlights.
  • Freddie Maggard lists Mark Stoops five most important recruits. It's too early to judge most of the players on his list, leaving us to speculate on the future. Playing by those rules, I'd also say Boom, Elam, Hatcher, but I would add Ryan Timmons and Drew Barker. I don't care to imagine UK's passing game without Timmons the last two seasons, and Barker injected necessary recruiting momentum. It's a fun debate to have. Would your top five list be comprised of players who specifically added to recruiting momentum, specifically excelled on the field, or a combination of both? I wouldn't be surprised if in two or three years my top five is completely different, probably starting with CJ Conrad's addition.
Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
  • The baseball team plays today at 4:30 EST on the SEC Network.

  • Speaking of which second basemen JaVon Shelby was named first team All-SEC, centerfielder Kyle Barret Second Team, and first basemen Evan White All-Freshmen and All-Defense. Well done, fellas.

College football
  • Spencer Hall writes this great piece about a Washington State quarterback who finally gets to rest.

  • Bill Connelly is making his way through his annual preview of every team. His latest is Notre Dame who are expected to have a great season.

  • Braxton Miller is staying at Ohio State. I figured he was transferring though I don't know much about him beyond OSU having two other good quarterbacks. The Buckeyes are going to be loaded next year at more positions than quarterback.

  • Speaking of quarterbacks, here's a ranking of the Top 15 quarterbacks in 2015. In my opinion, Hackenberg is too low and JT Barrett is too high (he may not even start).

College basketball
Other sports news
Other news