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Three Kentucky Football Players Involved In January Bar Fight Will Not Be Charged

The wheels of justice grind slowly, and three of UK's better players just avoided them.

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Back in January, three Kentucky football players — Dorian Baker, Tymere DuBose and Drew Barker — were apparently involved in a fight along with an Easter Kentucky University football player Colton Scurry in a bar called Jerzees in Richmond.

Greg Kocher of the Herald Leader has filed a report that a Madison County grand jury has been looking into the matter, but has handed down no indictments:

“Having heard testimony from witnesses and having considered the evidence, it is the decision of the Madison County grand jury to not indict anyone,” the statement said.

Predictably in a matter with this much attention, some of it has spilled over to the bar itself. Jerzees is now being scrutinized for serving underaged patrons:

The bar fight also raises questions about Jerzee’s. Scurry was 20 years old at the time of the fight, and Richmond’s ordinance prohibits admittance to a bar unless a person is 21 or older. However, if there is a “prebooked concert,” minors can be on the premises for that performance. They must leave once it’s over. House bands, disc jockeys and karaoke are not considered prebooked concerts.

I suspect that Barker, DuBose and Baker have just about used all the rope they have left, combining this incident with the airsoft shooting rampage of September 2014. But, this is good news for the team, and good news for the young men involved.