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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Duke Defeats Wisconsin Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Calipari, Dampier elected to Naismith HOF. Softball sweeps DH vs. FAU. More.

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Congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils for winning their fifth NCAA Tournament championship last night in Indianapolis. Tough break for the Wisconsin Badgers, I thought they had a great season, but last night just wasn’t their night.

I know, dear Kentucky fan — you’re upset Duke won. Unfortunately, that left our control when Wisconsin defeated Kentucky the other night, and there’s no point obsessing over things you cannot control. Duke deserved to win, and Kentucky did not this season. It happens. Move along.

Wisconsin, great season. This was a worthy group that was good enough to win it all. They just couldn’t close the deal. Badger fans, believe me when I tell you that we at Kentucky know exactly how this feels. Exactly. Respect to your seniors for what they did, it was fun to watch.

Tweet of the Morning

Duke got the benefit of a number of poor calls last night. No, it’s not some grand conspiracy. Remember Hanlon’s Razor. But when a clear replay doesn’t help, is there really much hope for the officiating?

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  • Bo Ryan has a little bit of butt-hurt over the loss last night:

    I get it. I do. I agree with Bo that there were way too many uncalled fouls on both sides last night — Justise Winslow should’ve fouled out and maybe drawn a hypothetical sixth for good measure. Unfortunately, that is nothing new. I am a big fan of Ryan, but with due respect, this is not the proper place for these types of comments, even if they don’t rise to the level of fine-worthy material.

    Having lamented that, I think the officiating does need to be addressed. I’ve written extensively about that, and I hope that enough attention has been drawn to the problem to create some action. I’m not holding my breath, but change will come. It always does. Let’s just hope it’s actually for the better.

    Regarding the "rent-a-player" comment, that’s just pure butt-hurt and unworthy of such a great coach. Get over it. Either change your style, or live with it’s consequences. Or maybe vote for freshman ineligibility in the Big Ten, because I can promise you, you won’t be joined by everyone else. Good luck with that. If the "moral high ground" is worth more to you than yielding a competitive advantage to the field, how can I complain?

  • Wisconsin finally felt the pressure against Duke. Yeah, they didn’t play their game, that’s for sure.

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