What Do You Want From Football Coverage at ASoB?

Hey everyone,

How're things? I wanted to get in touch with you to see what you wanted in terms of football coverage later this summer. Previews can be a little boring, and I'd like to avoid falling into that trap. My current thinking is to take a position - say nosetackle - and talk about the players UK has at that position, how that position fits into UK's wider scheme, but also the trend of that specific position in the wider football ecosystem and why it's increasing/decreasingly important in today's game. Clear as mud?

Greenwell and I have also talked about recording podcasts this summer to preview the football season. That would require figuring out how to record (probably via Skype), throwing the audio up on YouTube so you can listen while at home or work, and also getting it on iTunes enabling listening on your mobile devices. Once I get it figured out, the goal from there would be to involve all ASoB contributors and interested readers, and carry it into basketball season and beyond.

Last summer I wrote a lot of X's and O's-type posts in the football preview series. Is there interest in more of that? Those posts don't typically drive much traffic, but I'm happy to do them by request with this much lead time. If you want something specific just let me know. I can also add those posts to this year's preview series as a handy reference tool if you would like.

Finally, would there be interest in wider cover of UK's opponents? For example, would you be interested in a round table Q&A with other SEC sites, so we have more background on the league heading into the season?

I'm getting this Fan Post up way in advance so that it has at least two months to draw eyeballs and hopefully solicit feedback. There's no rush, but when I check this post again in late June I'll interpret silence as compliance, and I'll proceed with whatever is interesting to me. If that's the case, I hopefully can also make it interesting to you.

Have a great summer!