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UK In Three Words

Describe your Wildcats in three words. Names? Adjectives? Phrases? What comes to mind?

Harry How/Getty Images

Warmer weather. April showers. Maybe someday soon: May flowers. Spring is here in the Bluegrass which means we talk fireworks, Derby, mint juleps, and Hunter S. Thompson. Louisville is home to many festivities this time of year, between the Gonzofest and the Kentucky Derby Festival. If you aren't familiar with the City of Louisville, just know that it is "the northern most southern city and the southern most northern city." It is too conservative for liberals and too liberal for conservatives. It is considered a small big city and a large small town. Louisville, Luhvul, Louis-Ville, Looey-vul...whatever you want to call unique.

Louisville's Courier-Journal, as well as many others, took to Twitter today with the hashtag "LOUin3Words." How would you describe the City of Louisville using only three words? Say what you want about the university, but I can usually separate the city from the university.

I love this city. And I don't think 3 words do it the justice that it deserves. But this hashtag is a convenient way to see what phrases pop up most and what the mass populi have in common (horses, bourbon, baseball?).

That all said, I think the University of Kentucky Athletics (basketball, football, baseball, soccer, etc.) are important to us, right? We have a passion for it. I want to know what that passion boils down to. I don't care what sport you choose. But when you think of your Wildcats, what comes to mind? Maybe I'll just throw up an inkblot Rorschach test and see how many times the image reminds you of the "9th Championship Banner."