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The SB Nation Communities For The Wisconsin Badgers And Kentucky Wildcats Talk About The National Semifinals

Getting into the minds of Wisconsin fans with Bucky's 5th Quarter.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

No big game preparation would be complete without a discussion with our opponent’s community, and so today we will be having a skull session with Bucky’s 5th Quarter, very much like we did last season at this time. The only difference is that we will be using the ReplyAll platform this time since it was so well-received for the Q&A we did with The Smoking Musket for the West Virginia Mountaineers contest.

So today, we’ll be talking about the national semifinal game between the Wisconsin Badgers and Kentucky Wildcats with Phil Mitten of Bucky's 5th Quarter, and you can find the other half of the conversation there. Obviously, the content will be the same, but you can see the comments made by the folks over there in response to the conversation.  The great thing is, we can both act like we've been here before because, well, we have just last year at this time!

Just as before, this will be going on during the day, with periodic updates, so check back frequently. And now, without further ado:

Thanks to Phil and Bucky’s 5th Quarter for participating. I know we are all looking forward to a great game.