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Kentucky Basketball: Senior Day

Quick facts and favorites about these graduating seniors.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Lost in the 30-0, 40-0, and other chatter among this historic season, are the seniors that will be leaving Big Blue Nation. Senior Day is coming. On Saturday, March 7th, Rupp Arena will celebrate Brian Long, Sam Malone, and Todd Lanter when Kentucky plays Florida for the game that could determine an undefeated regular season.

I want to stay away from the debate of "will they / won't they start."  They have already answered that question anyway:

(For the record, I'm betting they will start)

It is hard to stick with a college athletics routine, let alone the routine and the grind that goes along with John Calipari's program and its vision. I couldn't do it. The public's eyes are on you at all times. On the court, in class, grocery shopping, and when you're out being social. You're always representing the University of Kentucky, and very few slip-ups go unnoticed these days in college athletics. That's pressure.

Here are your seniors.

#32 Brian Long

5'9'' New Jersey Native. Basketball is the family sport. His father played for Creighton. One brother played at Memphis and another at UNLV.

First Appearance: UK v. Marist, 2011.

My Favorite Tweet: Kentucky/Kansas memories

#32 throwing down with the help of Alex Poythress.

#21 Tod Lanter

6'2'' hometown boy from Lexington (where his father Bo played for Kentucky). He spent his freshman year at Gulf Coast State CC, where he went for 16 point in his first game. You may remember him draining a 3 in the last few possessions of the Auburn game this season.

First Appearance: UK v. Lafayette, 2012.

My Favorite Tweet: Tod is upset about an #SCTop10 ranking.

#21 draining a three in his first Blue/White game.

#13 Sam Malone

5'11'' headband-wearing freak from Massachusetts. As a freshman at UK, he played 6 minutes before tearing his ACL. Never worked at the bar Cheers.

First Appearance: UK v. Marist, 2011.

My Favorite Tweet: Sam takes on known troll/hater Jeff Goodman

#21's first field goal in Rupp

It's been one hell of a ride. Thanks for being a part of it, guys. Good luck in your future endeavors whatever they may be.