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Kentucky 32, Georgia 32: Second Half Live Game Thread

Kentucky played very poorly in the first half, yet manage a tie with Georgia.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

That was an awful first half of basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats, and a very good one for the Georgia Bulldogs. Kentucky has got to play better than this, or their winning streak will end at 29. The things that have gone wrong are legion — getting beaten off cuts, getting beaten in the pick and roll, and missing layups. Calipari also missed four free throws, all by guards.

First half stats

Kudos to Georgia for bringing their A-game. Kentucky has to find a better version of themselves if they want to escape Athens with a win. There is nothing working right on offense, it reminds me of the way the offense was back in mid-January — stilted, slow, inefficient and ugly. I have to say that either Calipari is the worst zone coach in the world, or these kids just don’t listen very well.

To their credit, the Wildcats have yet to turn the ball over, but they are also committing a load of fouls. Three UK starters went to the half with two fouls, and the Wildcats have got to do a better job of drawing fouls and making free throws, rather than committing fouls and sending Georgia to the line.

Hopefully, Coach Cal will give them a good tune-up in the locker room and send them out breathing fire for the second half. I sure do hope so.

Go, ‘Cats!