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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: We Invaded Nashville

Big Blue Nation took over Nashville during the 2015 SEC Tournament.

SEC Tournament 2015 - Honky Tonk
SEC Tournament 2015 - Honky Tonk
Mike Moeller

What a weekend. Even though Coach Cal complains about conference tournaments and playing "three games in three days," as a fan, I have to say it really is a great time. Especially so close to BBN in Nashville. The Wildcats said they wanted to win for us. They did not disappoint. Your Kentucky Wildcats are the 2015 SEC Champions.

Whether you went to the game or watched from a local Nashville bar, I'm willing to bet you had a good time. I was one of the categorical fans that visited Nashville without tickets in hand. I thought about going to the games, but a part of me (and a part of my wallet, if I'm being honest) wanted to just hang in the Honky Tonk Central back booth with beer in hand. I have been to conference and NCAA tournaments before, but none had more Kentucky fans than Nashville this weekend. Over the course of 2.5 days, I saw two Auburn fans and 6 Arkansas fans. I'm sure there were others, but they were most likely hiding in shame.

Whenever I eavesdropped on a conversation between strangers, they would be discussing what county they went to high school in and where they are living now. You could feel that this weekend, that this place, that this team was special. The atmosphere was electric. Nashville, TN transformed into Nashville, KY "Go Big Blue" and "Blue/White" chants were echoing through the streets between different bars. The city was filled with fans, like me, that rarely visit Rupp Arena. Briefly, Bridgestone Arena became Rupp Arena South. Even the vendors and businesses all catered to Big Blue Nation with their newly-bought UK/bourbon gear.

Not that the city-limits were free from all controversy. Late one night, in a live music-filled bar and dance floor (Paradise Park...$6 pitchers...), a band, probably without knowing any better, announced they were to play Rocky Top. There couldn't have been a louder roar of disgust. Those in Blue were booing as if the man on the stage was Rick Pitino himself.

One, admittedly smart, Kentucky fan walked calmly to the stage, handed a band member a folded twenty-dollar bill and requested that the band plays any song but Rocky Top. And that is when the evening went from good to great, my friends. A sash-bearing future bride got on stage, and handed the band $40 to continue with their Rocky Top performance. Long story short: a bidding war erupted between Kentucky fans and "others." Credit cards were being pulled. Unfortunately, Rocky Top was played - but not without interruption. A "Go Big Blue" chant from the floor, along with other gestures and hand motions that would not be considered family-friend website material, overtook the controversial song.

If you visited Nashville, KY during this tournament, I'd like to hear about it in the comment section. Did you run into old friends? Meet any celebrities? Pose for a photo with the Bang This Twins? I enjoyed the Kentucky Storm Trooper, myself. Was it my imagination or was there truly something special in the air?

34-0. See you in Louisville.