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2015 NCAA Tournament Printable Brackets Are Here

The Big Dance card is set. Get your hot crossed brackets here.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the picks are in and we have your printable brackets from SB Nation for you to fill out or puzzle over or whatever you feel like doing. I am never very good at picking brackets, and I doubt I'll get much better this year. I tend to be either too analytical or too indifferent. I'd probably do better picking by my favorite color, or consulting a Magic 8-ball. Hey, now there's an idea...

Anyway, your PDF format bracket is here. Of course, we also have an image, which can be found just below. Click on the image to embiggen.

From what I see, it looks like a pretty good setup. I really have no complaints about Kentucky's draw, although it's widely considered to be the most difficult. I look at it like this: If we can't beat the best, we aren't the best. I don't want some Cardinal fan or whacked-out tinfoil hatter claiming John Calipari paid off the committee to give Kentucky the easiest bracket. Yes, we have seen that before — recently.

I call this the "no excuses" tournament. Kentucky is the #1 seed and is widely favored to win. Now they get to prove they are up to the task.