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Arkansas Razorbacks 63, Kentucky Wildcats 78: Wildcats Win SEC Tournament #28

Arkansas wanted another shot at Kentucky, and it ended just about like the first one.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This is a good feeling, finally winning the SEC Tournament again after not doing so for the last three seasons. The Arkansas Razorbacks came out breathing fire in the second half, and hung in with the Kentucky Wildcats for quite a while. But as usual, when the 8-minute mark of the second half came up, the Wildcats closed the door and ended the Hog's hopes for good.

This was a game effort by Arkansas, but they got their wish and got another shot at Kentucky. This one didn't work out any better than the last one did. But Arkansas is getting better, they will be a handful in the NCAA Tournament. Good luck to Arkansas going forward.

Final stats


  • This may have been the very best that Kentucky has played this season. They were pretty much great at everything.

  • Kentucky's guards were absolutely splendid. They have gotten better and better late in the season and this team looks NCAA Tournament-ready.

  • Kentucky had 15 assists on 25 made field goals. Outstanding.

  • The Wildcats did a very good job on the glass today. Arkansas is a weak rebounding team, so that's expected

  • The Wildcats made 58% from three, their second straight game at 50% or better.

  • The stats I had to use did not have turnovers, but I suspect Kentucky did fine in that regard, and the press was not effective for Arkansas at all.

  • 78% from the free throw line is fine, although Kentucky missed more than they have lately. And the Wildcats got to the line a ton.

This was a fine way to end the pre-NCAA season — undefeated, or as Mike Slive put it, "...undefeated and unbowed." I was very happy with what I saw today, and I suspect you were as well.

Postmortem to follow later, also we'll have a selection show thread as always.