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Kentucky 28, Florida 30: Second Half Live Thread

As poorly as Kentucky played, and as well as Florida played, the Gators are up by but a single basket.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, that was about as inept a first half of basketball as we’ve seen out of this Kentucky team in a long time. Mostly, Kentucky has gotten off to fast starts and finished with whimper rather than a roar. Perhaps that’s going to reverse itself in this game. I sure hope so

First half stats

Man, 10 turnovers. That’s been rare, and it is most unwelcome. Credit Florida for some very good defense, but it wasn’t that good. What was frustrating with the number of unforced errors that Kentucky put up. Florida was credited with 4 steals, and that means six turnovers were unforced or due to inept offense.

I have never seen more bad misses from good shooters. Ulis and Booker both laid enough bricks to add a new level to the O’Connell Center. Kentucky also had only 4 assists in that half, which is uncharacteristically low. The Wildcats need to up the intensity, and the efficiency, in the second half.