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Kentucky Wildcats Football: Welcome To National Signing Day 2015

It's the biggest day of the off season for college football. Get your UK news and updates here.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to National Signing Day, Big Blue Nation. The last two years have brought unprecedented success in football recruiting, but this season has been a turbulent one with numerous blue chip players de-committing from Kentucky in the last few weeks. Naturally, that has Wildcats fans all on edge.

The good news is, Mark Stoops & Co. was still able to add several critical pieces to the team, most of whom have already enrolled, as Will pointed out earlier. So as much of a downer as the recent de-commitments have been, it’s not all dark cloud.

Yesterday saw Kentucky add two nice pieces to the class, with the pickup of Derrick Baity, a quality defensive back, and running back Sihiem King, who was a pleasant surprise. Today could hold even more pleasant surprises, but there will no doubt be downs as well as ups. It’s usually that way during the flurry of activity that is National Signing Day, so as Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park:

Let’s go, Big Blue Nation. It’s National Signing Day 2015 — hold on to your butts.