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Kentucky Football 2015 Signing Class: Receivers and Tight Ends

Here are the latest Wildcats in the receiver and tight end ranks.

CJ Conrad
CJ Conrad
Student Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats took 4 receivers and tight ends in the 2015 class. They are the newest generation of Air Raid receivers, and will have several quality quarterbacks to get them the ball during their time in Lexington. Included in their ranks is, in my opinion, the crown jewel of this class: tight end CJ Conrad. According to Max Preps, this group is responsible for a combined 5, 761 receiver yards, 76 touchdowns, and 441 receptions over the span of their prep careers. All four produced at the high school level.

247 Sports Profile 247 Sports Composite Ranking Yahtzee Post HUDL Highlights
CJ Conrad 4 Star (0.898) Link Link
Jabari Greenwood 3 Star (0.868) Link Link
Tavin Richardson 3 Star (0.848) Link Link
Therrell Gosier 3 Star (0.842) N/A Link

I don't think Greenwood or Richardson will see much game action this fall, but CJ Conrad will play a lot this season due to depth issues at tight end. It was important to get him on campus as early as possible, and luckily he's already enrolled becoming well acquainted with Erik Korem's weightroom and "Mama Fowler's" nutrition table. There are two things I'm going to look out for with Conrad: how does he look in spring ball, and is he starting by the end of the season. The former may indicate whether the latter happens. If Conrad is starting by the end of next season that will be very promising for his career. In turn, that may pay off with tight end recruiting as prospects see how UK will utilize them.

Greenwood probably redshirts this season, but it may be a close call. Dorian Baker, Blake Bone, Thaddeus Snodgrass, Alex Montgomery, and Rashad Cunningham are all taller receivers who are ahead of him. Greenwood not getting on campus until the end of June will keep him behind them. A wildcard in that prediction is if Baker gets dismissed from UK following the bar fight in Richmond, thereby removing one body from the receiver depth chart. Shannon Dawson may also take a liking to him. In any case, I said in Greenwood's Yahtzee post that I hoped to see more speed in his senior season highlight tape, and he does seem faster than in his junior season highlight tape. He's going to be a good one in a few years.

Richardson probably also redshirts, and changes his position to tight end. Watching his highlight tape I'm hard-pressed envisioning him as a receiver at the next level. He's got a good frame to at least put on another 30 pounds. Richardson received high marks in the North Carolina-South Carolina all-star game week, and it's good to hear he performed well against other all-stars. Depth at tight end may allow him to stay at receiver, but a redshirt season is probably in the cards.

Therrell Gosier is another recruit that waited until NSD to announce his intentions to sign with UK. Gosier had previously been a Miami commit, but visited Lexington last weekend. He reportedly chose UK over West Virginia. At 6'6'' he's another tall receiver that could develop into a tight end in the long run. I think he redshirts this season to add more weight to his 6'6'' frame.