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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Keeping The Mojo

Superstitious about the undefeated season? I am.

Za'Darius Smith
Za'Darius Smith
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Sports and superstition often go hand-in-hand. Talk to a baseball player and he’ll probably give you a detailed example of his pre-game routine. Fans can be that way. I am that way.

Duke has beat Virginia. As of 2/1/15, our Kentucky Wildcat basketball team is sitting alone at the top of Undefeated Hill. The team is 21-0. Is it because we have the best players? Maybe. Is it because of the best coaching staff? That plays a role, sure. But I like to think it’s because you choose to wear that same dirty sweatshirt and sit in "your spot" of the living room on Game Day.

Maybe it’s because I’m a little superstitious, but I’m assuming that a good percentage of Kentucky fans share that same delusion with me. What are you doing, Game Day after Game Day, to contribute to this historic run that surely aid our players in victory? Haven’t shaved? Same chair? Same shirt? Run three miles? Christmas Tree still up? Mine is.


Whatever you’re doing – keep doing it. Undefeated or not, the idea of "mojo," calms the nerves.

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