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Arkansas Razorbacks 67, Kentucky Wildcats 84: Kentucky Slashes The Hogs, Goes To 29-0

29-0 is impressive, but how they got it done is even more so.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I must confess, I did not expect the Kentucky Wildcats to crush the Arkansas Razorbacks like that. It was impressive to watch, and a little bit scary if you’re an opponent. Arkansas is a good team, and to see a good team with something to prove get drubbed like this is a wake-up call to the nation, if anyone has actually managed to sleep through Kentucky’s dominant season so far.

I know Arkansas is better than they showed today, they just ran into a team that was too big for them, and who played to a very high level. Arkansas struggled from the outset to make shots, and by the time they started making them, it was just too little, too late.  The Razorbacks never gave up, though, even after they got down by 30. That’s tough to do, and reflects great credit on them.

Final stats


  • This game was outstanding, but could’ve been so much better. Kentucky’s guards missed far too many free throws, and the Wildcats must’ve missed six or seven layups.

  • Holding Arkansas to 38% shooting is impressive.

  • Kentucky put Arkansas on the line way too many times.

  • Some of the younger guys on this team are becoming sophomores, and that could become terrifying. It was terrifying today.

  • Kentucky’s size is just really hard to deal with. Even with Ulis in the game, Kentucky is a very big team. Arkansas really struggled with Kentucky’s size.

  • Kentucky actually doubled Arkansas total steals number, 8-4. Who would’ve believed that coming in?

  • The Razorbacks’ press was totally ineffective. Kentucky handled it with ease, and scored off it consistently.

  • Kentucky crushed the Razorbacks on the glass, but that was expected.

  • Kentucky only had 45% assists today. I think that was due to the way Arkansas was playing, which encouraged Kentucky to take advantage of one-on-one matchups.

  • 29% is just not good enough from three. We have to do better than that.

Kentucky was just amazing today. They were the bigger, stronger, faster, and better team, and it wasn’t close. That’s saying something considering Arkansas is deservedly considered a top 20 team. I just really did not expect this level of execution, and having said that, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

We’ll have more in the postmortem. Enjoy the victory.