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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Craig Sager Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. MBB wins at Mississippi St., now 28-0. Huge game at Arkansas for Hoops tonite. More.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Craig Sager, who has been away after having been stricken with acute leukemia, has beaten the disease and will return to the broadcast booth in March. Congratulations, Craig, we’re glad to have you back, and really glad you’re better.

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  • Here’s something new: Calipari apparently said yesterday on Sirius XM that he thinks coaches are afraid to back a 2-year rule because of Kentucky:

    "Why wouldn’t everybody be for it? Because they’re looking at my team right now and saying, ‘if Cal has that kind of team because guys come back, they have to go for two years, we don’t want that.’ The best solution is two years."

    I also love his comment about freshman ineligibility. It boils down to "You want to do that? Fine, go for it." Heh.

  • Yeah, they love us, but it’s all about the $$$$. Which, trust me, is something the Big Blue Nation brings to this here party. But you know this.

  • Trey Lyles doing "X-actly" what Calipari wants. I hate this whole "X-factor" thing, it’s trite and boring, but I do understand it. Lyles has been very quietly getting better all season, and it should surprise nobody that he’s taking it to another level after almost a full season of experience.

    I guess he may be the "X-factor" to those who only watch Kentucky occasionally. But for those of us who watch them constantly, this is about as surprising as a sunrise.

  • Know your Big Blue history:

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