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The Kentucky Wildcats Run Away From The Auburn Tigers, 110-75

Auburn found itself on the short end of the best Kentucky offensive execution of the year.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, your Kentucky Wildcats now stand at 27-0, by my count tied for the longest winning streak ever in the storied, 100+ year history of Kentucky. That’s pretty much amazing, and this game was equally remarkable.

Kentucky went offensive in a big way tonight, scoring a season-high 110 points. That’s highly abnormal for Kentucky but given that Auburn wasn’t quite up to the task of defending the Wildcats tonight, it’s most welcome.

Final game stats


  • 65% shooting is going to produce Kentucky’s best offensive efficiency of the year, I almost guarantee.

  • UK had 15 turnovers which normally wouldn’t be great, but with something over 65 possessions, it will probably be acceptable in terms of percentage.

  • Kentucky crushed Auburn on the glass, as expected.

  • 70% from the line is pretty good. I’ll take it.

  • Kentucky was only officially credited with 6 blocks, but I think that missed a couple.

  • 3-point field goal percentage was not great, but it was okay. What I really loved was the number of threes taken was where it should have been, considering the opponent’s inside weakness.

  • Don’t be troubled by the good 2nd half Auburn had. They are a really good 3-point shooting team, and they were bound to make a few.

  • 25 assists on 44 made baskets is just awesome.

  • Kentucky’s transition defense just keeps getting better. Their transition offense wasn’t bad, either.

Overall, I am just as happy as a clam with this convincing, comfortable win. Kentucky played really well on both sides of the court, and I really don’t think I’m going to find much to complain about in the postmortem.

This Wildcats team is definitely starting to find the kind of game that will take them to the NCAA Tournament championship, or at least to the Final Four. We are seeing better intensity against inferior foes, better offensive execution and experienced players raising their game to new levels. That’s exactly what we should be looking for.

Enjoy the win, Wildcats fans. It was fun to watch.