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Kentucky 35, Tennessee 31: Second Half Live Thread

Kentucky did not play a good defensive first half. They have to do better in the second.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I had to delete my first five sentences. I won’t explain why, I’ll leave it to your imagination. Needless to say, I was unhappy with the half, but all things considered, I’ll take a 4-point lead after that half of basketball.

Kentucky is really not doing a bad job offensively, but they are having trouble stopping Tennessee. The reason is, the Vols are small, but not that small. They have a lot of 6‘5"/6‘6" athletes that are playing really hard, and Kentucky is only playing sorta hard. I hope that changes in the second half.

First half box

  • Kentucky has no excuse for letting UT shoot 54% against them. I know its on the road, and I know Towns was out with fouls, but that’s no good.

  • Kentucky did a good job trying to get the ball inside, for the most part. With Towns back, that should get easier.

  • Tennessee cannot absorb nine more fouls without consequences. They just aren’t deep enough.

  • Kentucky has done a decent job avoiding fouls, but they need to attack the rim better.

  • Kentucky isn’t rebounding well enough. They should be dominating this team.

The Wildcats are not in any real trouble, and never were, but they have to force Tennessee to put the ball on the floor and give them fewer looks from three. That’s really the only weapon they have. Having said that, the Wildcats have to do a better job of blocking shots, getting defensive rebounds, and forcing empty possessions from Tennessee in the second half.