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South Carolina Gamecocks 43, Kentucky Wildcats 77: 25-0 Postgame Celebration

Kentucky tied the school record for consecutive wins today at 25 by beating South Carolina 77-43.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats came out in this game and played, for the first time in five or six games, the kind of basketball they became famous for in the pre-conference season. Kentucky came out and just grabbed this game by the throat and held on from tip to horn. The South Carolina Gamecocks were never a factor at any point.

South Carolina has struggled mightily in the SEC, and they were not good today. Their energy was low, they shot the ball poorly even on the rare occasion when they got an unchallenged shot, and in general just offered very little resistance. Combined with the focused intensity of Kentucky, the result was exactly what you would expect.

Final stats


  • Really happy with the overall offensive efficiency of Kentucky. It’s probably going to be in the 1.3 points/possession range.

  • 75% from the line is just fine. Give that to me every game, and you’ll see more blowouts like this.

  • Extremely focused defensive effort today for Kentucky. I could not be more pleased with what I saw.

  • UK had 13 turnovers, and only forced 9. I am more unhappy with the lack of forced turnovers than the ones UK made, they should be well below 20%.

  • Kentucky crushed a good rebounding team on the glass. I don’t have the percentages yet, but they are going to be convincingly in UK’s favor.

  • Only 4 fast-break points? That’s not impressive.

  • 17 assists on 27 made field goals. Eminently satisfactory.

  • I loved the way Kentucky attacked the rim. They didn’t get fouled that much, but they did a great job in getting to the hoop.

  • 14 3-pointers in about a 55 possession game is a touch low, but okay. Given how well UK was doing in the paint, I don’t think I’ll complain.

  • Very balanced scoring by Kentucky.

This is the kind of game we need to be playing every time out. I know we aren’t going to get that, and other teams have a lot to say about how it goes, but this was a solid outing that I am very happy with, and I think Coach Cal is also.

Happy Valentine’s day to all Wildcats fans. 25-0 is a nice present, ne’st ce pas?

Go, ‘Cats!

Tweet of the game

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