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Kentucky 38, LSU 34: Second Half Live Thread

Kentucky didn't play very well on defense, but they overcame an 8 point deficit to take a 4 point lead into the half.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that half was a thing of beauty offensively; defensively, not so much. Yes, Kentucky blocked a bunch of shots and did a great job on the glass, but they allowed LSU to shoot 42% from the field, mostly on layups. If LSU had shot that percentage from midrange and out, I’d just live with it, and yes, I know LSU has talented bigs. But that’s no good at all, ‘Cats.

Offensively, though, Kentucky was very good, except for one thing; turnovers. To be fair, LSU was credited with five steals, which means that most of the turnovers were equal parts good defense and poor offense. Several of them, though were cause by rushing and making soft, ill-advised passes.

First half stats

I liked how Kentucky came back and took the lead, and they did so pretty quickly. The Wildcats also tightened up their defense between the first and second half of the period, so it seems that now they may have found their game. I am extremely happy with the rebounding and the interior play. What the Wildcats need to do this half is continue to dominate the glass and take care of the ball. Work the ball inside to out and keep up the pace. I don’t think LSU can take this pace for the whole game, and they may just fade away at the 7 or 8 minute mark in the second half.

Let’s get 24. Go, ‘Cats!