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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Where's Trey Edition (Also Happy Birthday to Coach Cal)

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK plays LSU tonight in Baton Rouge. Towns named National POW by NBC. More.

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Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Whither Trey Lyles? The Big Blue Nation wants to know. I think this is what Manfred Mann meant by "The Roaring Silence."

In the same commentary, Tyler Thompson makes this excellent point:

Karl Towns was named NBC Sports’ National Player of the Week, but not SEC Freshman/Player of the Week

Someone explain this to me. Towns averaged 17 points and 10.5 rebounds in UK’s two wins last week and is finally starting to look like the Top 5 prospect he’s been projected as all season. Johnny Jones knows. "He’s just a phenomenal player," Jones said of Towns this morning. "He can step away from the basket, turn, face up, shoot midrange, at the same time back to the basket that can really challenge you toward the rim when he’s taking the ball to the rack. Great physical size and specimen. He can go either way so it makes it very difficult to defend him in there."

I understand spreading the love and making everyone feel good about themselves, SEC, but I’m calling you out on this.

The SEC named Bobby Portis, who had better numbers this week as POW, so I get that, no worries. But it named Riley LeChance of Vandy FOW, who did not have better numbers. He averaged 17 points and 4 turnovers per game in two games. KAT, leaving aside the 10.5 rebounds, had only 4 turnovers total in two games. No doubt LeChance deserves an honorable mention, but …

Tweet of the Morning

BOLO for Trey Lyles, last seen in the vicinity of Columbia, Missouri. I think they kidnapped him. Update: Lyles has been found:

Fortunately, WDRB has obtained Lyles’ whereabouts: He’s sitting in the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans until such time as beignets and chicory coffee can work their healing influence. No, wait. That was me.

I wish it was me. Then there’s this.


Happy Birthday Coach Cal! You’re almost as old as me. You get closer every year.

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