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Super Bowl XLIX Open Discussion Thread

Come join A Sea of Blue as we talk about the 2015 Super Bowl, as well as all of its accoutrements.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Super Bowl XLIX and A Sea of Blue’s open thread. As a non-NFL fan, I can tell you that this contest between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks means absolutely nothing to me as far as a preference for who wins. My wife has decided to root for the Seahawks, so I’ll probably do the same just to have some rooting interest in the game.

One thing about Super Bowl Sunday is that around our house, it is an event, a piece of Americana not to be missed or celebrated. Even if I have no real interest in the NFL, it is a uniquely American institution that I respect. We usually skip dinner in favor of a bunch of finger food, and just enjoy the whole experience, including the commercials and the game itself.

But I know many of you are NFL fans and have a great interest in the outcome of the game, so I am pleased to provide this open thread to talk about it. You can talk about the commercials, or the game, or "deflategate," or whatever tangentially related matter pleases you. I hope you enjoy the game, and all the trimmings that go along with it. I know I will.