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Wildcat Quickies: Time to Regroup Edition

'Cats looking to rebound, Volleyball gets upset, The Coaching Carousel gets going, and more quickies to kick off your week.

Harry How/Getty Images

Kentucky has not had a good performance since the Duke win, with an extended period of time off, we have to live with the frustration for a few more days.  The 'Cats have the Eastern Kentucky Colonels coming to town Wednesday, followed by Arizona State and Bobby Hurley coming to town this weekend.

Kentucky looks to get back to winning and start finding the bottom of the net a little... well, a lot more.  While that loss was an embarrassing one, it is only the second time our 'Cats have lost in the last 47 games.

Losing is a part of the learning and development process, when utilized properly.  Being able to go into a hostile environment and get your butt kicked should do wonders for this group going forward, Coach Cal included.



  • The College Football post-season is all set, all the bowls are matched up and all the bowls have opposing teams.  The main attraction will be Clemson vs. Oklahoma and Alabama vs. Michigan State.  The 'undercards' are below as well.






  • Some of the intriguing matchup include UL vs. Texas A&M in Nashville, Western Kentucky vs. former coach Willie Taggart in Miami, Duke vs. Indiana in a non-basketball matchup, Notre Dame vs. Ohio State.
  • The Michigan State fanbase is riding high these days.  Basketball recruiting is going great, the Spartans will be #1 in the polls this week, and the Football Spartans are in the playoffs behind the strength of that 22 play, 9:04 drive on Saturday.
  • The SEC East is a mess, Mark Stoops is now the most tenured coach in this portion of the conference.  With all the turnover, the East seems to be as wide open as it has ever been.  It is likely the Vols will be the favorites to win it next season, but beyond that who knows.  KSR's Andrew Cassady compared the turnover in a recent article.
  • The Steelers Antonio Brown returned a punt for a TD and went full on into the goalposts with his legs spread, falling onto his back.  It was actually pretty entertaining:

  • Steph Curry is on pace to hit an insane 432 three point shots.  The record, set by him already, is 286.
  • Julius Randle had another double double last night with 15 points and 11 rebounds
  • Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight had their usual strong output for the Suns.  Bledsoe ended up with 23-7-6 and Knight ended up with 17-4-5.  Booker did not have a huge game but he is now 13/19 from deep on the year... how much could he have been used this year in Lexington.
  • None and done Enes Kanter had a double-double as well with 14 points and 10 rebounds
  • Rajón Rondo continues his stellar play and jaw dropping moments.  He got an offensive rebound last night and whipped it behind his back out to the three point line for an assist.

  • Guess who is the #1 seed in the AFC... yeah, the Cincinnati Bengals.  If the Bengals can do this, why can't our Wildcats be a winner one day?
  • Several former Wildcats got to the end zone this weekend in the NFL, but not who you would think.  First off was Danny Trevathan picking off a pass by Phillip Rivers and taking it to the house.

  • It would not end there, the Titans Wesley Woodyard also took one to the house on Sunday with a scoop and score on a bad snap.
  • How about Cam Newton, dude is putting together his MVP season but is also always looking to give back. Ever Sunday he gives away a Football into the stands and they tried stopping him once yesterday.

  • Note to all Pythons out there, do not eat Porcupines.
  • You may not know who Scott Weiland is, but I guarantee you know his band.  Weiland was the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots and he died on his tour bus late last week. Weiland was just 48 years old.  Among my favorite STP songs was Plush (the acoustic version was amazing also), Interstate Love Song, Dead and Bloated, Vasoline, and my favorite, Creep:

  1. Chocolate Chip
  2. Brownie
  3. Peanut Butter Cookies
  4. Oreos
  5. Oatmeal Raisin
  6. White Chocolate Macadamia
  7. Sugar Cookies
  8. Shortbread Cookies
  9. Butter Cookies
  10. M&M Cookies