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Urkel rips Kentucky for losing to UCLA; Cincinnati Enquirer writer compares UK to ISIS


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Yeah, Thursday night was pretty lousy, so of course UCLA fans are pouring salt on Kentucky's wounds.

Jaleel White, also known as childhood hero Steve Urkel, was present for the Bruins' big win over the Wildcats. UCLA is White's alma mater, so he was pretty pumped about the win, but he also knows the Cats simply didn't handle the atmosphere and buckled under the pressure of the bright lights.

White said as much when he talked with TMZ Sports after the game:

"We kicked that ass," Urkel said. "That’s what we did. We kicked that ass. You know what, Kentucky just looked like a deer in highlights tonight. I think they saw too many celebrities. I could just tell they weren’t fluid. They were a little starstruck."

For all the joy you brought us in our childhood, we can forgive you Urkel.

But there shouldn't be any forgiveness for what a Cincinnati blogger putting Kentucky in the same breath as ISIS.

That's what Jay Brinker at the Cincinnati Enquirer did today in his write-up of UK's loss:

Last year UK drilled UCLA by starting 24-0 and then continued the pummeling en route to a 39 point victory. Last night, UCLA avenged the loss by winning 87-77. Apparently, according to this analytic journalism article that far exceeds my casual sports knowledge, UK had a difficult time scoring in the paint. Sorry for your Wildcats' loss Kathy, Greg, and Big Blue Nation.

No, not really. I actually enjoy when Calipari and his kids lose. Speaking of things changing, it was only 3 weeks ago that ISIS was contained.

Why? Just, why?

I'm not really sure what Brinker is trying to say here, but whatever it is, sports and ISIS never need to be mentioned together in any way possible.