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New video surfaces of Rick Pitino Fingergate from Saturday

A new video has surfaced of Rick Pitino flipping UK fans the finger on Saturday

Kentucky may have gotten a much-needed win over Louisville on Saturday, but the national story to come out of the game was Rick Pitino's bird-flipping incident towards several UK fans.

What was even worse than the middle finger was Pitino's excuse/explanation of what really happened. The first video does leave some question as to whether Pitino really did flip the bird, but another video has surfaced that provides another angle of Pitino as he made a gesture that still can't 100% be confirmed to be a middle finger, but that certainly appears to be the case.

Here is Rick Pitino maybe/maybe not flipping off some UK fans. I didn't even notice it while recording. Now it's one of ESPN's top stories on their website.

Posted by Adam Joseph Gatzke on Saturday, December 26, 2015

There's still been no word as to whether Pitino will face any kind of punishment for this. Knowing Louisville, they'll use the fact that there's no definitive evidence as an excuse not to punish him.