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Did Rick Pitino flip off Kentucky fans after Wildcats beat Cardinals?

A video shows Rick Pitino appearing to flip off UK fans after his Cards lost again to John Calipari.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that Rick Pitino isn't a well-liked guy around Lexington, but that may have reached a new level during the Kentucky Wildcats' latest win over the Louisville Cardinals.

After the game, KSR's Matt Jones tweeted out that Pitino appeared to give the ol' middle finger to a heckling UK fan as he was leaving the court. A video has since surfaced that does show Pitino really throwing up the bird:

It's hard to imagine what Pitino was thinking when he flipped a fan off with as many as 20,000 witnesses around him, but then again, this was probably his last game in Rupp Arena as UL's head coach, so he must have wanted to go out in style.

We got to see another example of Pitino being a sore loser as he once again ditched the postgame press conference after a loss, something he regularly does.

Stay classy Rick. Your school has certainly done a lot of that recently, and you couldn't ask for a better representative of the University of Louisville.